Gaston is the most common standard and first generation delicate product which is designed with AGM technology.


Our Bitec products include Solar Power Solutions, Calculators, Eletronics and household appliances


Owens Energy Batteries, Netting, Water,  Tools are some of the products that gives our brand the egde.

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Types of Gaston Batteries

12V 7Ah

40 Ah Sealed

Slim 200Ah


Connect to everything important to you

An untethered watch for an untethered life.

The new Galaxy Watch connects via Bluetooth and LTE, so you can text, call, and run your day while leaving your phone at home.

Turn your phone
into your wallet.

Forgot your cash and cards at home? No problem—with Samsung Pay right on your phone, you're always ready to pick up the check.

Gear IconX

The Gear IconX are cutting-edge wireless earbuds—as well as a portable music library,4 fitness tracker, and personal coach.5 Whether standalone or connected to your Note9,6 you can listen to your playlists and podcasts, maximize your workouts, and log your progress, all without touching your phone.

Explore how the Galaxy Note9 transforms the way you do business.